A Journey into the Practice & Philosophy of Yin Yoga
Table of Contents

i)   Preface to the HTML Version of YinSights
ii)   Acknowledgements
iii)  How To Read This Book
iv)  Detailed Table of Contents
v)  Foreword by Sarah Powers
vi)  Introduction

Part One: The Philosophy and Physiology of Yin Yoga

What is Yin Yoga?
Our Bodies and Yoga's benefits
    The Kosha Model
    The Physical Body
    The Energy Body
        The Yogic View of Energy
        The Daoist View of Energy
        The Western View of Energy
        Measuring Energy
    The Mind Body
        The Yogic View
            Classical Yoga
            Tantra Yoga
            Hatha Yoga
        The Buddhist View
        The Western View of Mind
            The Jungian Model of the Mind
            Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Part Two: The Practice of Yin Yoga

The Practice of Yin Yoga
    How to Practice Yin Yoga
        Beginning the Practice
        Ending the Practice
        Yin Yoga Flows
        Moving Energy
            Meditation on Energy

The Journey Continues

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