A Journey into the Practice & Philosophy of Yin Yoga
Detailed Table of Contents

i)   Preface to the HTML Version of YinSights
ii)   Acknowledgements
iii)  How To Read This Book
iv)  Table of Contents
v)  Foreword by Sarah Powers
vi)  Introduction

Part One: The Philosophy and Physiology of Yin Yoga

What is Yin Yoga?
    Yin and Yang
    Yin Tissues and Yang Tissues
    Theory of Exercise
    Original Yin
    Paul Grilley
    Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama
    Sarah Powers
Our Bodies and Yoga's benefits
    The Kosha Model
    The Physical Body
        Tissues and Flexibility
            Limits of Flexibility
            Contracting Muscles
            Changes In Our Muscles As We Age
        Connective Tissues
            Bones and Cartilage
            Tendons and Ligaments
            Plastic versus Elastic
            Collagen in the Bones
            Aging or Damage of Connective Tissues
        Ground Substances
            Synovial Joints
                A Demonstration
            Yin Yoga and the Joints
                Spinal Curves
    The Energy Body
        The Yogic View of Energy
            The Nadis
                The Sushumna Nadi
                Ida and Pingala
                The Seven Chakras
                Dr. Motoyama's View
        The Daoist View of Energy
            The Five Major Systems
            Chi and Daoist Energy
                Other Forms of Chi
                Function of Chi
            The Five Daoist Elements
            The Organs
                The Zang Organs
                The Fu Organs
            The Meridians
                The Lower Body Meridians
                The Upper Body Meridians
                The Extra Meridians
        The Western View of Energy
            A History of Energy Research
            New Paradigms
                Bio-electromagnetic Healing
            Integrins, Cytoskeletons and Meridians
                The Integrins and Cytoskeleton
                Meridians Revisited
                Models are Just Models
        Measuring Energy
            Other Instruments
    The Mind Body
            Purusha & Prakriti
            The Three Gunas
            The Twenty-Four Principles of Samkhya
            The Samkhya Practice
        The Yogic View
            Classical Yoga
                The Five Vrittis
                Kriya Yoga
                The Obstacles to Yoga
                The Five Kleshas
                Ashtanga - The Eight Limbs
                Samadhi and Kaivalya
                Problems with Classical Yoga
            Tantra Yoga
                The Thirty-Six Principles of Tantra
                Tantric Practices
                    The Pancha-Makara of Tantra
            Hatha Yoga
        The Buddhist View
            The Historical Buddha
            The Four Noble Truths
                1 - Suffering exists
                2 - There is a Cause of Our Suffering
                3 - There is a Cure for Our Suffering
                4 - The Cure is the Eight-fold Way
            The Five Hindrances
            The Five Precepts
            Buddhist Meditation Practices
                Watching The Breath
                The Anapanasati Sutra
                Awareness of the Body
                Mindfulness of the Mind
                Red Lights and Telephones
        The Western View of Mind
            The Jungian Model of the Mind
                The Goal of Jungian Psychotherapy
                Jung Meets the Buddha
            Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
                Behavior Therapy
                Cognitive Therapy
                Newer Approaches
                Recording Thoughts
                Yoga and CBT
                    Keep At It
                    Expect The Best

Part Two: The Practice of Yin Yoga

The Practice of Yin Yoga
    How to Practice Yin Yoga
        When to Practice Yin Yoga
            Cold Muscles or Warm Muscles?
        Before You Practice
        Playing Your Edges
        Resolving To Be Still
        Holding For Time
        Yin Yoga Asanas
        Ankle Stretch
        Half Butterfly
        Cat Pulling Its Tail
        Child's Pose
        Dragonfly (aka Straddle)
        Happy Baby
        Reclining Twist
            Preparing to Relax
            Relax Completely
            Coming Out
        Sphinx & Seal
        Sleeping Swan
        Toe Squat
        Yang Counter Poses
        Beginning the Practice
            Beginning Asanas
            Counter Poses
            Linking Asanas
            Finishing Asanas
            Other Considerations
        Ending the Practice
            Balancing Energy
            Ending Meditation
        Yin Yoga Flows
            Three Beginning Flows
            Flow for the Hips
            Flow for the Spine
            Flow for the Kidneys
            Flow for the Liver
            Wall Yin
            A Yin/Yang Fusion Flow
        Moving Energy
                A Moon Salutation
                A Mini-Sun Salutation
                The Cloud Salutation
                    Lower Body Pawanmuktasana
                    Upper Body Pawanmuktasana
                Kapalabhati and Bhastrika
                Nadi Shodhana
                    Extended Patterns
            Meditation on Energy
                Hamsa Mantra
                Orbiting Energy
                    Orbiting Energy While in a Pose
                The Microcosmic Orbit

The Journey Continues

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