Music for Yin Yoga

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Music for Yin Yoga

Post by Stephanie »

I am having trouble putting together an appropriate musical playlist for my Yin classes. It is hard to find the balance between having low key music that isn't too slow and depressing and putting in too much upbeat music that makes you want to flowing it out in sun salutations!

Do any teachers or students have a favorite playlist, artist or song that they could share?

Thanks in advance!
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Post by Lorien »

I really like Anugama's Shamanic Dream, but I also use a lot of acoustic guitar works, like Pat Metheny's One Quiet Night. Deva Premal's slower stuff works, too, and I've recently discovered a dreamy CD called "Bali Dua" by Jalan Jalan that I like.

I recently posted about music on my blog, so you can check it out there, if you like:

Good luck!
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Post by Frank »

In the yin classes I lead there is no music. At first some of the students asked why. I explained that I felt yin yoga lends itself well to the quiet in being a very meditative and contempative practice, so I choose not to use music and have the students concentrate on their breath as much as possible through the entire practice.
In my own practices at home - both yin and yang there is no music and this works well for me. Also I'm pretty lazy and now I don't have to try to make playlists or change them to keep them fresh. Stay safe-blessings to you and yours. Frank.
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Yin Music

Post by Bernie »

Like Frank, sometimes I have no music on while I do my own personal Yin Yoga practice, but when I teach I do use music. The range of music that I use is quite wide, from basically stringing several shavasana enhancing musical pieces together (quiet, drone-like songs) to more eclectic pieces, such as classical or guitar music or even some new age techno. However, as you point out Stephanie, music with a strong beat or that is very loud doesn't work.

Here are some pieces and musicians I use:

Theresa Shroeder-Shakar
Reema Datta
Buddha Nature by Deuter
Angel Love by Aeoliah
Shavasana by Gabriele Morgan
Carlos Nakai
Returning by Berezin
Holy Holy Holy by Steven Samler
Loren Nikkel
Some of Shastro's work
Bhavana and Earth by 10 West
Some of Dumblazy's work (more techno but nice for certain moods)
Soulfood & Billy McLaughlin
Liquid Mind (they have several CDs in their series)
Ron Allen's meditations
Natural Sounds (waves, birds, etc.)
Thomas Barguee

With playlists, I never use just one CD anymore. I mix and match quite liberally.

Jessica Powers
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Some Favourite Musics

Post by Jessica Powers »

If I am in a rush and don't want to think:
Todd Norian - Bija
Jennifer Berezan - Returning

If I have some brain power:
Shaman's Dream - just depends on the day which cd or how much of which ones
Jai Uttal - Music for Yoga & Other Joys is fantastic, students have been unfailingly responsive to Loveland
Wah! - either of the Savasana albums are good

I've also used cds by Rasa a few times, nice and mellow
Steph Challis
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Music for Yin

Post by Steph Challis »

I use music for most classes and choose very carefully to ensure the music really assists in the expansion and relaxation process. My favorite composer by far is Andrew Forrest ( as his music not only has an expansive quality, it really seems to help participants go deeper in their practice and even has a healing effect. I'd especially recommend "Infinite Octaves", "Starseed" and "Alchemy" for Yin yoga.

Sometimes I use music very quietly - almost subliminal - other times it feels appropriate to turn the volume up a little, especially during long holds. If the class is very full, I might not use any music at all.

warm wishes from New Zealand
Stephanie Challis
Qi Yoga and Yin Yoga instructor
New Zealand
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Post by HuMaN- »

try peter kater and carlos nakai's album Migration. ... B000000POD

did my first yin yoga practice today (felt awesome) and that album fits perfectly. i'm sure any of their albums would be great for a yin practice anyways.

they're perfect for restorative practices, as well as for relaxation, savanas, or even meditation.

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Post by faerrleah »

Yin Yoga workouts will help you energize and reduce stress.The yoga styles featured range from instrumental yoga music to sanskrit mantras, kundalini, kirtan and chanting for yoga. Outline of a Quiet Practice brings together in a fresh way the ancient wisdom of acupuncture and Taoism with Hindu yoga practices.
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Post by Damonomad »

There is a great artists names Stephan Micus,
his albums 'To the Evening Child'. and 'Life' are a good place to start
also the group 'Stars of the Lid' works
i am going to try some of the other artists mentioned
in the thread that i do not know,
talk soon,
Begin by learning and reach the point where learning no longer exists.
Jessica Powers
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Post by Jessica Powers »

I just downloaded Stevin McNamara's Prana Groove and I am in love with it. Very unobtrusive, and pretty when I am attentive enough to be mindful of it!

Am now eagerly awaiting Jai Uttal's volume 2 of Music for Yoga and Other Joys, called Bhakti Bazaar.
Heather Featherstone
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Post by Heather Featherstone »

The most beautiful music I've found for yoga or painting or "Other Joys In Life" is:

1. The Spirit of Yoga by Ben Leinback (with Jai Uttal & Manose) 62.48 minutes

2. Music For Yoga And Other Joys by Jai Uttal (with Ben Leinback) 76 minutes

The spirit of breath itself.

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music for yin yoga

Post by ralphcree »

Hi, have a listen to this:

we have played for a yin yoga class at The Sanctuary in Thailand.

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Music for Yin Yoga

Post by Elisabeth »

My students have a favorite which is Music in the Key of Om by Jack Dejohnette. Beautiful, not depressing and takes you into a deep place!
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Music I love for teaching Yin

Post by kiki »

Full disclosure - he is my second cousin. But I get the most inquiries about my music when I play NY-based artist Garth Stevenson's music in class. You can get his album, 'Flying' on iTunes. Not sure where else.
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Post by Rya »

For background piano, I enjoy playing "Lifted" by Richard Goldsworthy.

For acoustic, "Secret Life of a Phim" by Polek is great. The chorus of the song "Divine Exchange" is "I sit and observe. I am this I am." :)

Another nice artist is Bachan Kaur.

Happy listening,
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