props and online teaching

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props and online teaching

Post by marieclaire.lacey »

hey! i was just wondering if anyone had any tips on encouraging students to bring props to online yoga classes? I describe the importance of props in class information and ask students to bring things like books/blankets/cushions etc. But still have students turning up with no props. I was just wondering if anyone has found successful ways of stressing the importance of props?
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Post by Bernie »

I don't know of any special tricks to get people to bring props, other than reminders, both before class and during the class for next time. But, since teaching online means most people are at home, maybe you can get them to improvise with what is around? They can go to their bedrooms and get a thick blanket which can be folded and rolled up for lots of uses. If the students show up with only their yoga mat, use that. Fold it, roll it, etc.

Good luck!
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Reply to props and online teaching

Post by messmankl »

For my Zoom classes, I send students the link to log-in to the class in an email and in that message, I include a line that specifies the props that are required for class. I state that they can use household items (belts, books, pillows, etc.), if they don't have yoga props. Most find that the household items don't "cut it" and end up buying their props.

Also, when we move into a posture that I am using props for, my direction for getting into the pose includes where to place their blocks. I will give options for those who don't have them but it becomes clear to them, I think, that they miss out on the full experience when they do not use the props.
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