Face Yoga postures

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Face Yoga postures

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Hey Bernie,

I was wondering if you could give a quick run down of the different "faces" we made for face yoga in the training. Was wanting to incorporate some into classes, but can't seem to remember them all and I'm not on Facebook to look for the pictures. I would really appreciate it!! (or if anyone there can remember them all, please feel free to share).

Still trying to incorporate in all the knowledge you passed along and wishing I could be back in Vancouver for those long practices!

Thanks so much!!
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Face yoga

Post by Bernie »

Hi Jessica

I am sorry, I seemed to have missed this posting - but better late than never! What did we do with our faces? Let me see if I can remember.

Well, first - we smiled! A big goofy grin. Then, we did the "scream" and opened our faces as wide and big as possible. That was followed by Rod Stewart's first band, "the Small Faces" - make your face as tiny as possible. Then, we did the sliding your face to the right. We finished with Lion's Breath. On the second time through we slid our faces to the left. Remember, when doing that one, don't turn your head, just let your face look a bit like Popeye. At the end of each cycle we did a scalp and face massage.

I think that is it!
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It was really helpful for me and I was looking for something like this.

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Here are some simple face yoga techniques that will help your skin smooth and make your face brighter and younger. Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwvcSPLV8iU
Chrysalis Yoga
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I love doing face yoga and I haven't done it in a while, thanks for the reminder =D
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