Hypothyroidism - thyroid poses

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Hypothyroidism - thyroid poses

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Hi Bernie
are there any specifics asanas that can be added to help stimulate an under active thyroid?


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Yin Yoga and the Thyroid

Post by Bernie »

Hi Tim

I apologize for the lateness of this reply: I only now noticed your post! Sorry about that.

As you know, I am not a doctor, and it is dangerous to accept medical advice over the Internet. Are you asking for yourself, or for a student? If for yourself, what background can you give me? Have you seen your health care provider? What do they suggest, have you done that, and what were the results?

Yoga has been prescribed as a tonic for the thyroid, (see the book Know and Solve Thyroid Problems By Shiv Dua) but generally the prescriptions are to massage the area of the throat: postures that compress those tissues like Shoulder Stands, Plough, or in the Yin Yoga world – Snail pose; postures that stretch the throat like Fish, Wheel or in the Yin Yoga world – Camel, Saddle or even Seal with the head lifted. Neck twists may also prove helpful: reclining or seat twists can create some healthy tension through the throat area. As always, any pain in the neck is a contra-indication for any of these postures. Flowing Cat/Cow movements may also be good.

But, before you do any of these, please try to understand the cause of the problem! There are many potential causes of hypothyroidism: disease, genetics, side effects from medications, radiation treatments, pregnancy, pituitary disorders or just plain old low iodine in your diet. Classical treatments for hypothyroidism include synthetic hormones, although hormones from other animals (pigs) are also used sometimes. These can be found without prescriptions but their quality and dosages are not always well controlled.

Here is one article called How to Cure Thyroid with Yoga that suggests how yoga can help with thyroid problems. The author states:

  • Since stress is believed to be one of the major factors for thyroid disorders, meditation keeps the mind calm and relaxed and reduces everyday stress. The chanting of ‘Om’ everyday for a few minutes also helps. After chanting, do this small activity: put your hand on the thyroid gland and feel that it is getting healed. Let the positive vibrations of chanting have a stimulating effect on the thyroid gland.

Suzanne Summers has written a book called Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick, in which she describes the vital role the thyroid has in our overall well-being and how a chronically toxic state dramatically reduces the ability of the thyroid to produce the essential hormones we need to be well. You may want to check it out.

One last tip that I received from an Ayurvedic doctor: for us men, every morning when we shave, spend a minute or two massaging the shaving cream into the throat area. This little, daily massage may help bring energy (blood) flow into the glands living there.

Good luck!
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