Yin for the Hips

Check here for questions about Yin Yoga and hips. (Note: discussions about sciatica are in the Spine forum.)
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Yin for the Hips

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I recently received this email:

Hi, I practice Hatha yoga and my teacher has started to incorporate Yin Yoga a little into my practice, we do winged dragon pose but only hold it for about a minute due to practice time. The first time I did this my hips felt great, I have really tight hips, I was wondering if there are any other yin poses that can help with really tight hips? Thanks and Namaste! Pat

Hi Pat

There are many Yin Yoga poses that target the hips. You can find all of these explained in detail (along with videos) at the Asana tab. The poses you may want to work with are

Shoelace (or half Shoelace)
Square Pose
Swan (or Sleeping Swan)
Happy Baby as well as
The Dragons

Another great way to open the hips is to start sitting on the floor as often as you can. I will be talking about this is my next YinSights Newsletter, due out at the end of March, so you may want to sign up for the Newsletters to make sure you get it.

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