I would like to be listed as a Yin Yoga teacher

If you would like us to add your name to the list of Yin Yoga teachers, send us a post including the following information:

Location: Country/State/City;
Contact Information including:
Your web address;
Email address;
Studio name and web address where
you are offering Yin Yoga classes;
A short bio or description of your Yin Yoga teaching (~100 words);
A small head & shoulders picture [You can add an image by typing [img]location[/img] where location refers to the location of your image on the web somewhere. Just right click on your own image and select "copy image location" and paste it in.]
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I would like to be listed as a Yin Yoga teacher

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I would like to apply to be listed in the Teacher Directory, with the following information:

NAME: Lone Bach Melander

Country and city: Denmark, Copenhagen

Web adress: www.mindbodybalance.dk

Email: lone@melander.dk

Studio Name: YamYam

Short Bio: Lone is a dedicated Yin Yoga teacher, and has been practicing Yin Yoga since 2014 when introduced to Yin at a Bali yoga retreat - it was love at first sight!

She has been studying Yin with Mari Nordstrom and various other teachers.

Her Yin yoga teachings are combined with mindfulness and breath work.

She teaches weekly classes at YamYam yoga studio near Copenhagen, and gives workshops and retreats.

Besides teaching regular yoga classes she works as a psychotherapist and stresscoach, helping people finding more balance in their life.

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Re: I would like to be listed as a Yin Yoga teacher

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Hi! Would you please send your request by email at: Teachers@YinYoga.com and add a head and shoulder picture to it? I will then add you to the directory of Teachers for Yin Yoga.
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