How to begin Yin?

Check this forum for suggestions on Yin Yoga flows, sequences and postures, as well as HOW to practice Yin Yoga.
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How to begin Yin?

Post by Bernie »

I recently received the following question:

  • Hello Bernie, I am probably the newest subscriber to your newsletter and look forward to start receiving it. I am also a real NEWbie to Yin Yoga having gone to just two classes at a local studio. I am absolutely sure that Yin Yoga is very much for me and bought a 10 session package already. I plan to go to one, maybe on occasion two classes a week. A goal of mine is to be able to practice on my own between classes. I am concerned about not doing poses as they are designed for maximum benefit and certainly do not want to do anything that would be the least detrimental,i.e.not in proper or correct form. Besides looking at videos which I think would be difficult for me to follow as I practice I have two questions:
    - which would be a good pose to start with to do on my own, and
    - is there a recommended sequence of poses to follow
    I truly appreciate any guidance you can provide for m e as I begin what I expect will be a lifelong journey. Many thanks, Bruce

Certainly beginners can do Yin Yoga. I wrote an article on this that you may find interesting. Also there are threads in the Forum about Yin for beginners. On how to get started in Yin Yoga, there are sections in my books, like this one in YinSights, that talk about how to begin a practice, and there are flows there for beginners.

You could start on your own with the above resources, but it is always much better if you work with a teacher.

Good luck!
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Post by chrysalisyoga »

Most important thing to do in begining of Yin yoga is to breathe, especially when holding the postures.
Chrysalis Yoga
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