50 hour Yin Yoga TT in Washington DC March-May 2019

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50 hour Yin Yoga TT in Washington DC March-May 2019

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Dates: March 29-31, April 26-28, May 24-26

- Fridays 7:15-9:15 pm
- Saturdays 12:45-7:45 pm
- Sundays 10 am - 4:30 pm

RYTs who complete the course are eligible to apply for CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

Cost: $950 (can be done in payments)

Description: This training was designed for yoga teachers and yoga practitioners who seek to enhance their teaching or personal practice by touching upon (t)issues rarely worked in more dynamic “yang, yoga styles.
The comprehensive curriculum fully covers the fundamentals of yin yoga, anatomy, range of motion, yin yoga teaching methodology, including assisting.

Yin & the Physical Body
- Reconstruct differences between Yin and Yang yoga and how to find a balanced practice
- Study the body's anatomy with a look at the joints, fascia, tissues, and skeletal system
- Learn the difference between Yin and Yang styles of Yoga and the Yin approach and how to balance the need for both
- Practice and teach common yin poses with related modifications

Yin & The Energetic Body
- Study the movement of energy through the body
- Learn Energetic Anatomy from Taoist and Ayurvedic points of view
- Deepen understanding of energetic movement as described by yogic theory (including the koshas, chakras, elements, doshas and mudras)

Yin and the Psycho-Spiritual Body
- Review the neurophysiology of stress, trauma and resiliency
- Explore ways to integrate mindfulness and resiliency tools into a Yin practice
- Hone Yin teaching skills through practice teaching, assisting, and creative sequencing
- Learn how to create a Yin environment

About Yael: Yael (E-RYT) loves delving deeply into what heals us, what helps build our resiliency, and what allows us to be courageous and active agents in our communities. To that end, she fell in love with Yin Yoga, studying with Paul Grilley, credited with creating Yin Yoga and an expert in functional anatomy; Sarah Powers, who popularized Yin Yoga by integrating it with both mindfulness and Taoist meridians; and most recently Biff Mithoefer, who incorporates storytelling and shamanic teachings into his work. In addition to a dozen years of Yin teaching, Yael is an Integrative Yoga Therapist and offers therapeutic group and one-on-one sessions in the clinical setting. The course will draw from materials and concepts culled from these teachings, as well as Yael's studies in biofeedback, Reiki, polarity therapy, and poetry.

More info and to register: http://www.bluebirdskyyoga.com/workshops-events
questions: www.yaelflusberg.com
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