Yin Yoga - love it or hate it?

From time to time teachers and even students write some very interesting stories and thoughts about their Yin Yoga experiences. If you have a Blog you wish to share, please post a link to it here.
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Yin Yoga - love it or hate it?

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Good post, I am one that would say I love it. Being in one pose for so long really makes me feel like I'm diving as deep as I can into the stretch. Unsticking muscles and ligaments from all kinds of deep rooted places and issues. Thanks for sharing. =D
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Re: Yin Yoga - love it or hate it?

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I definitely love! Thanks to my teacher from Core Spirit who introduced me to Yin Yoga and taught me how to practice it at home. This direction of Yoga especially helps to relax after a working day and before going to bed.
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