Pain at top of foot any sitting poses

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Pain at top of foot any sitting poses

Post by Mjsanderson »

Hello all.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could share their expertise in solving a problem I have. I really struggle with sitting poses which I understand is common, being a man. However, the pain comes from the top of my foot, just after the ankle meets the foot. I have researched foot anatomy and I think it is called the inferior extensor retinaculum

I would like to loosen my hips/pelvis and be able to be comfortable in sitting down poses ( sitting crossed legs, child's pose, any poses which involves being at ground level ) but this pain in my foot prevents me from practicing for any longer than a minute!
I feel it is preventing me from advancing in classes, as I am fairly competent at standing, bending and twisting poses but any asanas that involve sitting, I point blank cannot do!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :D Michael[/i]
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Post by Bernie »

Hi Michael

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for your questions. Am I right to assume the sitting postures are a problem when you plantarflex your foot (point the toes away from the shin) rather than dorsiflex the foot (pull the toes towards the shin)? The two movements are quite distinct and have different causes of problems when they can’t be done comfortably. What sensations are you feeling? Can you describe them? Does it feel like a tugging, stretching, electrical, tingling, spread out or concentrated, deep or superficial, any temperature quality (hot, burning or cold), etc? What about your history: have you ever damaged the foot? How long have you had these problems?

If you can give us a bit more to go on, we might be able to make some suggestions of things you can try.


ps - in my most recent book, Your Body, Your Yoga, I have a whole chapter on the foot and ankle. You might find it useful in building your own understanding of what is happening there.
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