yin yoga and the uterus

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yin yoga and the uterus

Post by Leonie »

Hi,I'd be very interested to know what people think of the following. A student of mine who was practicing 4 classes a week of Yin and about 4 classes of hot or power yoga each week over the last 18 months has recently cut all Yin from her schedule. She tells me she began to feel very 'heavy'in the pelvic region when she menstruated - a feeling like 'everything was going to fall out'. This only occurred around the time of her menstruation. She believes she has now released too much of the fascial structure in her pelvis and caused herself damage. She has been to doctor's etc, and had this investigated, however they can find nothing wrong with her. She is approximately 50 years old.

I would love to know if anyone has come across this before. She is now trying just power and hot yoga for the next couple of months to see if there is change in this condition.
Thanks, Leonie
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I think it can be a symptom of menopause, many a time menopause may occur after such chronic symptoms. As you said that she has stopped all the exercises from her schedule, then may be excessive workouts had effected on the body. Recommend her to stay relax for few days and suggest to use coupelle menstruelle during menstruation, to stay more comfortable, then with the doctors recommendation you can suggest to start the session.
Johanna Ron Grimm
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