Body work while recovering from injury?

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Body work while recovering from injury?

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Bernie, you advised me back in Jan, when I asked you about a chronic upper hamstring tendon injury, to completely avoid all forward bending that brings any pain--for a year. I believe that to be very sound advice.

I am wondering if in the meantime, if it is advisable to have some body work done on that area--e.g. massage by an RMT--or to just leave it alone and let it heal. What do you think?

I guess there are totally non-invasive types of body work that I could do, such as Bowen Therapy, and acupuncture, as an alternative to hands-on work.

Thanks, Bernie!
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Body work on painful hamstrings

Post by Bernie »

I don't think there any absolutes: you have to talk to the RMT and describe your situation and your philosophy for dealing with your injury. Personally, I would ask the RMT to not stress the hamstring tendons as they are trying to heal, but anything she can do to promote blood flow there would be appreciated. Acupuncture and other modalities may also be useful for increasing healing energy to flow to that area. Earthing may also be beneficial.

Good luck!
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