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July, 2010

Welcome to the third quarterly edition of Yin Yoga Insights, where we take a look at the yin-side of life and yoga. In this issue we will be exploring the yin-side of bandhas, examining "fuzz" and talking about what music people like to hear while doing Yin Yoga. If you have an idea for future topics, let us know!

Yin Yoga Insights also lets you know about several opportunities to learn more about Yin Yoga via our Upcoming Events listing. You can view a short synopsis of all these items on the side bar on the right.

Enjoy the journey!

The Yin-side of Bandhas

What's a bandha, and why should I care? And, if I do care, should I employ bandhas during my Yin Yoga practice?

If you have been ambling along the yogic path for any length of time, you will undoubtedly have heard about bandhas. Everyone knows: a bandha is a lock. More precisely, it is an energetic lock. Funny, the more you explore the world of yoga, the more you may discover that things are not always what "everyone knows." For example, everyone knows that hatha (from which we get the term Hatha Yoga) is made up of two syllables, "ha," which means, "sun," and "tha," which means, "moon." However, not everyone agrees with even this; for a few famous teachers "ha" means moon and "tha" means sun! Curious!

So, what does this have to do with bandhas? And why talk about bandhas from a yin perspective? Bear with me! Our journey today will reveal how the yin-side of bandhas can actually be beneficial, not just in our yoga practice but in our every day life, and especially for people with lower back issues.

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The Yang-side of Fuzz

We have just looked at a yin-view of bandhas; to balance ourselves, let's look at how yang movements can help us be healthier. Let's look at the yang-side of fuzz! Fuzz is a made up word, made up by a fascinating guy named Gil Hedley. Gil is a somanaut; someone who journeys deep inside the physical body.

In Gil's exploration he has discovered some fascinating things about our bodies, including the fact that we often get all fuzzed-up! Fuzz is a kind of filmy fascia that occurs daily all over our bodies; it looks like wispy cotton candy. Normally, each day's fuzz is broken by moving our bodies but sometimes, when we don't move, fuzz can start to build up. Over time, the fuzz fibers start to "intertwine and intertangle" and an adhesion occurs between the normally sliding surfaces of the body. We become "fuzzed-over" and stiffen up.

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Recent Forum Topics

In one thread on the YinYoga.com forum, teachers have been sharing their favourite music selections to accompany Yin Yoga practice. Check out this post, and add some of your own favourite music.

          Music for Yin Yoga

Speaking of great music, Donna De Lory has just released her latest CD, and you can listen/download it here.

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2010 Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yin is In! And, it is growing in popularity. Yin Yoga has been with us since the beginning of Hatha Yoga centuries ago. But since the early 19th century, yoga has become more and more yang-like in nature. Everything requires balance: yin completes yang. Yin Yoga is the balancing practice for the more active, muscular yang yogas. There are more and more teachers offering Yin Yoga today, and more workshops and opportunities to learn how to become a Yin Yoga teacher. If diving deeper into the yin-side of life is on your 2010 To Do List, here are several opportunities for you. [If you are a student looking for a Yin Yoga teacher near you, check out our Teacher Directory.]

Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings & Retreats

Aug 23 - 30th, 2010:
A 7-Day Yin Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

With Bernie Clark at the Semperviva Yoga Studios, in Vancouver, Canada: This Yin Yoga teaching training course, led by Bernie Clark, is designed for students who have been practicing Yoga for at least one year and want to deepen their understanding of the practice. Prior experience in Yin Yoga is not required. You do not have to desire to become a Yoga teacher, but you are expected to have a passion for Yoga. This 50 hour course will include a morning sadhana practice from Monday to Friday, and a chance to actually practice teaching Yin Yoga. For more details or to register, check the Semperviva web page or call them at 604-739-2009.

Nov 1st to 15th, 2010:
Yin Yoga Teacher Training

With Bernie Clark at the Prana Yoga College, in Vancouver, Canada: This 40-hour Yin Yoga teaching training course is similar to the one described above but is structured over two weeks, at various times of the day, to accommodate a parrallel 500 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training course, which it is embedded into. For more details or to register, check the Prana Yoga College web page or call them at 604-676-8812.

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Other Interesting Events

Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers are each planning a full load of workshops in 2010 all over the world. You can check out their schedules at their home web pages:

Paul Grilley's Schedule of Workshops

Sarah Power's Schedule of Workshops

Many teachers around the world are creating Yin Yoga based workshops and retreats. Some of them are posting these activities on our Forum page. Check it out. There may be one happening near you. (If you are a teacher, feel free to add yours to the page!)

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