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April, 2010

Welcome to the second quarterly edition of Yin Yoga Insights. We are sending you this edition because you have expressed interest in the past in Yin Yoga. (If you do not want to receive future editions, please click the unsubscribe link.) Through Yin Yoga Insights we take a look at the Yin-side of life and yoga. In this issue we will be exploring how you can create your own yoga studio right in your own home by simply using a wall. If you have an idea for future topics, let us know!

There are also interesting topics being discussed in the Forum, available at www.YinYoga.com. Feel free to join these discussions, or raise new questions and ideas yourself. Finally, Yin Yoga Insights lets you know about several opportunities to learn more about Yin Yoga via our Upcoming Events listing. You can view a short synopsis of all these items on the side bar on the right.

Enjoy the journey!

Wall Yin

Ever have one of those days where you didn't want to do anything but collapse? You know you should do some yoga, but your get up and go has got up and went? Your yoga buddy, whom you rely on for moral support, has bailed on you? Where can you go for that support now? Well, your support may be as close as that wall over there! Put on some soothing music, clear a space by your longest wall, grab a watch (preferably with a timer) and a cushion or two, and settle into some wall yin.

Wall Butterfly - Like all yoga journeys, you can start with a brief meditation, but this time with the wall supporting your feet. The easiest way to get into this position may be to sit sideways against the wall and then swivel: swing your legs up the wall and lie down. Next, try to snuggle your butt to the corner of the wall and the floor.

For the Wall Butterfly, bring your feet together and let your heels come as low as they can, and allow the knees to go as wide as they can. Since this is your meditation position, place your hands where you feel most comfortable: either place them over your heart, your belly (or one hand over each), or let your arms fall to the sides. Wait here for as long as your intuition suggests. Breath, allow a few sighs to slip out, and be present.

To read the rest of this article, click here.

Other cool Yin Yoga sequences can be found in the YinYoga.com forum. Feel free to add your own unique and favourite sequences!

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Recent Forum Topics

Speaking of the forum, there are several posts there for women who are pregnant, who were just pregnant or who are trying to get pregnant. If you are interested in how Yin Yoga can help you, check out these forum discussions:

Yin Yoga and Fertility:

Yin Yoga and Pregnancy:
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Postpartum Yin:

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2010 Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yin is In! And, it is growing in popularity. Yin Yoga has been with us since the beginning of Hatha Yoga centuries ago. But since the early 19th century, yoga has become more and more yang-like in nature. Everything requires balance: yin completes yang. Yin Yoga is the balancing practice for the more active, muscular yang yogas. There are more and more teachers offering Yin Yoga today, and more workshops and opportunities to learn how to become a Yin Yoga teacher. If diving deeper into the yin-side of life is on your 2010 To Do List, here are several opportunities for you. [If you are a student looking for a Yin Yoga teacher near you, check out our Teacher Directory.]

Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings & Retreats

May: 7-Day Yin Yoga Teacher Training & Retreat

With Bernie Clark from May 23rd to 30th, 2010 at the
Sea-to-Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler, B.C., Canada

The Spring 2010 Yin Yoga Teacher Training will happen from May 23rd to 30th, 2010. The facility is limited, however we have arranged to use an extension on the pavilion where we be holding the retreat. This extension allows us to increase the number of students to 20. Click here to learn more.

This annual Yin Yoga retreat is quite popular and has sold out in past years. Let us know early if you want to join us. To look at pictures from past retreats just click this web site (with many thanks to Milla for the wonderful work!) or click here.

Aug: 7-Day Yin Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

With Bernie Clark from August 23rd to 29th, 2010 at the Semperviva Yoga Studios, in Vancouver, Canada. Mark the dates! This is early notification of a one-week, 50-hour, intensive in late August. This intensive is being held due to the demand by many students for a Yin Yoga teacher training course to be held in the city of Vancouver over one week, rather than over several weekends. For more details or to register, check the Semperviva web page or call them at 604-739-2009.

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Workshop and Other Interesting Events

(please) Mind The Planet

The next presentation will be on Saturday, June 12, 2010
1pm to 3pm at The SPEC building at 2150 Maple St, Vancouver, B.C.

Come find out what the latest scientific consensus is about Global Warming, what the consequences of the coming changes will be, and most importantly, learn the 3 Big Easy things we can do about it. Also, learn how to bust the many climate myths that are being spread today to lull us into apathy and inaction. To learn more about how living mindfully can help us end the gamble we are taking visit (please) Mind The Planet

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Other Interesting Events

Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers are each planning a full load of workshops in 2010 all over the world. You can check out their schedules at their home web pages:

Paul Grilley's Schedule of Workshops

Sarah Power's Schedule of Workshops

Many teachers around the world are creating Yin Yoga based workshops and retreats. Some of them are posting these activities on our Forum page. Check it out. There may be one happening near you. (If you are a teacher, feel free to add yours to the page!)

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