YinSight explores the benefits and the practice of Yin Yoga

     YinSights was originally published as an electronic, web-book that allowed anyone with an Internet browser to discover the philosophy, physiology and practice of Yin Yoga. This original version is still available, however many readers found that trying to read and digest over 300 pages of information from a web site was difficult. They asked for a printed version of YinSights and their requests were answered in 2007 with the printing of a hardcopy version of the online material. With the creation of the newest book, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga, the earlier hardcopy version of YinSights went out of print. However! You can still download the older PDF version of YinSights if you like, by clicking the button below, and you can still read the updated version totally for free online.

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      You may find some copies of the book offered via Amazon for a lot of money: that is what happens when a book goes out of print! I am afraid that there is nothing I can do about that. However, another idea is to download the PDF, copy it to a USB drive and take it a local copy center/printer. It may cost you about $20 to do the printing there, but at least you will have a hard copy for far less than the Amazon prices. And, you will save on shipping costs too.

     YinSights is a look deep inside the benefits of Yoga, as viewed by both the Eastern and Western worlds. The book is divided into two main sections: the first investigates the benefits of Yoga in general, and Yin Yoga in particular, on the physical body, the energetic body and the mind/emotional body. Three points of view are presented: those of the Yogis in India, the Daoists in China and the medical and scientific researchers in the West. The book offers a look inside the deepest and most ubiquitous tissues of the body, the connective tissues, and explores what happens to these tissues as we practice Yoga.
     In the second section of the book YinSights explores the practice of Yin Yoga in detail. This section could be considered a complete, stand-alone book describing the way to practice Yin Yoga and the asanas normally used. Several flows are offered with different themes: flows for the spine and hips and flows to increase energy movement to the kidneys and liver. Throughout the book over 200 pictures and drawings are used to help illustrate the technical points presented as well as clarify the practice.

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